DCP Field Course Wrap-Up for January 2018 at RIMS, AKR

I spent two weeks on Roatan with two engaged, energetic and enthusiastic groups of students. One from Colorado State University and one from the University of Rhode Island (URI). Collectively, we were able to record a bit more than four hours of video data in nine early morning sessions. Mother Nature threw quite a bit of rain, wind and waves at us during both weeks but kicked it up a notch during our second week at Anthony’s Key Resort and the Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences.
Each group had safe and uneventful travels home, though my trek was a tad delayed this past weekend. All inbound flights on Saturday were delayed, and one was even cancelled! The group from URI was able to depart relatively on time and my flight was two hours delayed with an unplanned stop in Tampa to change pilots. So, I had the opportunity to spend an extra night in Atlanta on my way home. While not raining, the temps were decidedly lower than on Roatan!
When all is said and done, we had a very productive two weeks. I’ll be processing video logs for several months. I also learned about a software for processing behavior from video. I’ll need practice on it but I think it will be a useful tool!
Thank you all for paying attention and sharing our Roatan Adventures with us!