Don’t Touch the Reef!

We had a very wet data collection session, which yielded data sheets that were soaked through. But, we could recognize several of the individual dolphins. We could chat among ourselves to confirm some of the markings and so learned a few new dolphins by their scars and marks.
After breakfast, we spent time reviewing the video from Sunday morning. Caitlyn did not think they made that much noise when underwater but there was a lot of noise from them on the video. And, watching the video of dolphins it seemed to require more mobility than when Julia tried the MVA in the pool yesterday.
We visited Maya Cay today. We got to learn about the Mayan culture and toured the replica ruins with the inclusion of a real Mayan ball court. This court is an arena for a ball game played by ancient Mayans. The leader of the losing team of the game was often sacrificed to the gods.
We also got to tour the rescue zoo of confiscated, rescued, rehabilitated exotic animals; for example, there was a jaguar, a few mountain lions, howler monkeys, spider monkeys, capuchins, American crocodiles, numerous birds and a few reptiles. After observing the animals, we entered the food chain by taking our first coastal snorkel. The water temp was 79°F but it felt a tad chilly. Edwin was our snorkel guide and he showed us many colorful fish: barracuda, lobster, peacock angelfish, blue tangs, disco fish, indigo hamlets, groupers, brain coral and sea fans. Of course, snorkeling allowed our appetites to grow and lunch was welcome and delicious! A short post-prandial relaxation period (a nice little nap) followed lunch before we returned to AKR. The excursion of the snorkel session required a relaxing afternoon.
A belated Happy Birthday to Matthew (Heather’s now 16-year-old son) and an early Happy Birthday to Nate (Dee’s husband) and to Dixie, the mini seabeagle (6 years old tomorrow).
Tomorrow is our dolphin swim adventure. Let’s hope it is not raining!
Until then,
Lauren (#1), Kenna, Caitlyn, Lauren (#2), Casey, Julia, Serena, Delany, Cailey, Macy (like the store), and Chandra (the CSU crew) with supporting roles from Shane, Kathleen, Heather, Dee, & Maria