Dolphins and SUN!

The nighttime deluge of rain was with us through the first part of our morning observations. But, our wishes last night were eventually granted with the sun eventually peaking from behind the clouds. Of course, Initial introductions were overwhelming and crazy with the dolphins! There were a lot of dolphins with names and faces to learn at the same time. We sort of struggled with IDs on our first morning but we were really excited about trying our hand at recognizing each individual dolphin. Many of us were very focused on trying to keep our balance while walking on the dock around the enclosure to our watching spots.
The Honduran breakfast was savory, salty, delicious and filling.
After waiting 30 minutes, we ensured our snorkeling skills were proficient with a practice session in the pool. We each got to use the MVA to practice being a dolphin researcher. It was easy to swim with but not necessarily to record our fellow students underwater. Lunch was just as good as breakfast.
We had our first lecture, shared with students from the University of MN, from Kathleen. We learned about the dolphins here at RIMS and a bit more about DCP’s dolphin studies overall. We then went back to Bailey’s Cay to watch a couple of training sessions with the dolphins and to get closer to several of the dolphins to see their markings up close. We could refer to this part of our day as “Dolphin Kisses and Lost Sunglasses!” Casey had tried to gift her sunglasses to King Neptune as an offering for sunshine tomorrow but the awesome trainers retrieved them for her. (Thanks!) We thought the dolphin “lips” (rostrum) would be softer and their stuck-out tongues were more mocking than anything else!
The fish ID talk was informative and engaging. Dinner was scrumptious!
We’ll dream of sunny, warm skies for tomorrow!
Lauren (#1), Kenna, Caitlyn, Lauren (#2), Casey, Julia, Serena, Delany, Cailey, Macy (like the store), and Chandra (the CSU crew) with supporting roles from Shane, Kathleen, Heather, Dee, & Maria