Here’s your chance to help DCP win research money!

Do you think DCP deserves to win Squidoo’s Charity Giveaway?

We do! And we need your help ASAP!

Help us out by taking a few moments and heading to:
Squidoo is offering prize-money to the squidoo-charity that gets the most votes from the public. If you vote for the Dolphin Communication Project, you could help us win a snazzy $3,000. WIth just a couple clicks of the mouse, you can make a huge difference!

Why should we be awarded this cash, you ask? Well, like you, we’re crazy about dolphins and determined to learn as much about them as possible. But, like most things, this costs money. With cash from Squidoo, we’d be able to get that HD camera and special echolocation recorder we’ve been dreaming of…And, your vote can get us there!
Voting opened today, but already closes tomorrow, July 21st at 9 p.m. EST.