Where are you, dolphins?

Wednesday was a fine day. Mathew woke up and went for a brief walk along the coast to take in that lovely Bimini morning breeze. He and Garion then filled their morning working on data entry. Nicole gave them a brief explanation about how to sort through photos of the bottlenose dolphins found around Bimini. Shortly afterwards, Mathew and Garion joined the Hunter/Manhattan College group to watch an organized photo ID lecture with Kel. It was a ton of fun and everyone participated and learned a lot from it. Unfortunately, they would not be practicing their skills on wild dolphins. After heading out at 1500 and searching for about 4 hours, we saw zero dolphins out on the water, despite the relatively calm seas. Nevertheless, Garion and Mathew, and we hope Dr. Kaplan’s and Dr. Maust-Mohl’s field course students, are keeping their spirits up and are eager to see what tomorrow brings! 

Until next time, 


Mathew, Garion, Kel & Nicole