Arrival to Roatan – mostly without glitches

Most of us arrived on one of three flights from the USA – via Miami, Houston or Atlanta. It was wonderful to arrive to Roatan and to be reminded as we deplaned of the warm tropical weather and breeze! Once we were checked in at Anthony’s Key Resort, I was able to get  weights for me, the MVA2 and the SM2M. We’ll collect data in the morning tomorrow with the MVA2 early in the AM (just after sunrise) and then deploy the SM2M between the first and second training sessions.

I was able to sort through the MVA2 case tonight and was greatly disappointed by the way TSA repacked my fragile gear. I guess the sticker and tags on the case in big bold letters saying “FRAGILE” meant nothing. I guess letting folks know the gear is scientific equipment does not matter. Luckily, even though everything was jammed back in, one latch was not closed and the entire contents were flipped upside down, nothing seemed to have suffered permanent damage. I’ll do a water check on entry to be sure the seals hold.

Tomorrow will be a good day – we’ll be observing the dolphins, meeting the newest calves and greeting the training team later in the morning. Our group is enthusiastic and ready to help make observations, between dives for some of them!

Until tomorrow!


Kathleen and the DCP RIMS 2016 October eco-tour team!