DCP RIMS October 2016 Field Reports – Start Now!

October 20, 2016

Saturday begins DCP’s 2016 Eco-tour to Anthony’s Key Resort (AKR) and the Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences (RIMS). This DCP eco-tour trip is unique for several reasons, not the least of which is that it represents the largest trip to-date. Not only to RIMS/AKR but of any DCP eco-tour since we began in 2000! We have several “repeat offenders” – some who’ve been DCP supporters since 1992! We have a few individuals new to the DCP-RIMS eco-tour, but not new to DCP. We have a couple of students, and we have quite a few SCUBA divers!

Personally, I am thrilled for this coming week and very much look forward to revisiting the dolphins and their caregivers, as well as all the other folks at AKR/RIMS. I’m bringing the MVA2 for data collection of dolphin behavior with simultaneous stereo audio. I’ll have two GoPro’s attached to the MVA2 again this year – one facing forward to give us a wider field of view for confirming Dolphin IDs and one facing back to confirm when dolphins are behind me. (This view reminds me regularly to question who is watching whom?! See the photo for me and a buddy from last year!) And, I am bringing the SM2M to collect acoustic data round the clock for about 6 days of the week.

So, the gear is packed, clothing is almost there … and we have a touch less than two days to wait! Can you tell I’m looking forward to this week of field research?!

I’ll post daily from the field. Stay tuned for more updates from Roatan!