A trip cut short

Tuesday was another cloudy, humid day on Bimini. We spent part of the morning working on our data and then got ready to head over to the Sea Crest Hotel. At 12:30 we met with the tourist group to have a chat about DCP, dolphins and the research we are doing in Bimini.This turned out to be wonderful and the guests had many interesting questions for us. Thank you for your interest – and for supporting DCP!
We grabbed a quick lunch and then Nicole prepared for the boat departure at 1500. Even though Captain Al had checked the radar just before we left the dock, as we made our way along our usual course we could see a large squall forming behind us. Not long into our trip, Captain Al got a phone call from Kel, who had been monitoring the radar back home. The squall formed quickly, was big and was moving fast. No matter what we did, we were going to get wet. So, we turned around, heading toward home so we would be close to shore. As we passed through the worst of the squall the rain felt like hail and we could hardly see the channel markers as we approached. We arrived at the dock soaked through and returned to our respective homes in the pouring rain. It was an adventure, but let’s hope the weather is better tomorrow!
Until then,
Kel & Nicole