Better luck next time!


Tuesday was a rather uneventful day for us on Bimini. We started the day with the usual office work–writing Monday’s field report, photo ID and other such tasks. By 1500 we were ready to climb aboard the boat to head out with Dr. Kaplan, Dr. M and their students once more. Unfortunately, the wind still had not let up and as we got further into our usual route the ride became rougher and rougher. This being the group’s third day on the water the students seemed to have gotten used to the bumping and jostling. But we simply couldn’t find any dolphins amongst the waves. Despite hours and hours of searching, broken up by a nice swim break, we did not come across any dolphins. We returned to the dock just before sunset, disappointed but hopeful for tomorrow’s journey. We all know that field work is unpredictable, especially when it involves wild animals, and sometimes you just don’t find what you are looking for.



Wish us luck for tomorrow! 


Until then,

Kel & Nicole



PS: Curious about the photo posted here? Stay tuned to the upcoming Gazette for details on DCP’s latest program!