The Wonders of Bimini Road


Tuesday morning found us doing office work as usual. Around 12:30, however, they headed over to the Sea Crest Hotel where this week’s dolphin group is staying. Everyone was interested in learning more about the dolphins around Bimini so we joined them for a lunchtime chat. The group asked many good questions about Atlantic spotted dolphins in general, the individual dolphins of Bimini, the research DCP conducts here and much more!  


After the noon-time chat, everyone set off to prepare for the boat which would be departing a bit early at 1430. Kel stayed on land while Nicole joined the group on their search for dolphins. This trip began with a stop at the “Bimini Road” snorkeling spot which some people believe leads to the mystical city of Atlantis. The guests enjoyed a lovely snorkel here where they saw the unusual rocks of the road along with some beautiful reef fish, sea fans and coral. After enjoying the site for about an hour, we set off on the quest for dolphins.  


We headed away from the island for almost two hours but when we still had not seen anything we had to turn back. And we continued searching. And searching. And we still could not spot anything! Unfortunately, this was one of those trips that just would not grant us the chance to observe dolphins. Everyone stayed in good spirits, though, aided by the natural wonders they saw at Bimini Road. We are all looking forward to the trip tomorrow which will hopefully be full to the brim with dolphins! 


Wish us luck!

Nicole & Kel