Double Down on DCP

If you donate $8 to DCP this month, the Dolphin Communication Project’s board will match* it, turning your $8 into $16. Donate $22 and it becomes $44. Donate $107 and you really give $214.

DCP relies on the financial support of our supporters and now, you can have an even greater impact that you thought possible. Why does DCP need your money? DCP has just begun our annual research season studying wild Atlantic spotted and bottlenose dolphins off Bimini, The Bahamas. Each year we record these dolphins – via photographs, video and acoustic recordings – keeping track of individuals, locations and behaviors. We host and collaborate with university courses and provide information to tourists seeking out these incredible creatures. We share our efforts, and the stories of individual dolphins, via our blog and turn our data into peer-reviewed journal articles and conference presentations. DCP has been following the dolphins off Bimini every single year since 2001. And we hope we never stop. But, this research requires equipment and supplies. So far, we have already needed to replace our hydrophones (the cool underwater microphones that record the dolphins’ vocalizations) and restock our SD cards. Our student research assistant returns soon and needs a roof over her head. That’s about $500 + $100 + $700. Ours is a labor of love. Unfortunately, stores don’t take love. So, will you Double Down on DCP and donate before 30 June?

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*matching funds of $1000 are available