DCP has uploaded a couple more videos to our YouTube channel, including an interview with Emie:

Eight year old Emie had a few questions about dolphin communication for a science project she was putting together, and contacted researchers at the Dolphin Communication Project (DCP) to see if they could help her find the answers. In this video, Emie asks her questions and receives a video response from Justin Gregg – research associate at DCP. Emie's questions were:

1. How do dolphins hear high pitched sounds?
2. Can dolphins communicate with humans? If yes, how?
3. Do you have recordings of dolphin vocalizations?
4. Can you understand the meaning of different dolphin noises, like clicks and whistles?
5. Can you teach a dolphin new 'words' in dolphin language?
6. Is it possible to teach a dolphin to speak a human language?
7. Is there anything else you'd like to share with us about dolphin communication? 

Also, check out this video of a female dolphin off the coast of Mikura island performs a strange behavior – she hovers in the water for a few seconds making whistle sounds and releasing bubbles from her blowhole before slowly sinking in a vertical position.