Innovative Summary!!

Today was a day for wrapping up cameras, reviewing data sheets and videos to confirm all is copied to a second hard drive and packing for the return trip home. Allison left this morning and Dawn and I depart tomorrow. We all had smiles all morning today!

We collected data from Sunday through Thursday this past week and were able to collect a total of 96 sessions with the dolphins and sea lions! These data were recorded on two GoPros and one HD video camera that yielded almost 3 hours of videotape and 85.4 GB of footage! We will be scoring footage for a while. We were also able to collect personality scores of the dolphins and sea lions from 15 trainers. We will be able to compare what we find from the observations and sessions with how the animals are rated by the folks who know them best – their human caregivers!

Watch for a research update later in 2016 in an issue of the Dolphin Gazette on this research project.

Thanks for sharing the week with us!


Kathleen, Allison & Dawn!