Sea Lions, too!

Yes, it’s true! We are collecting data on how creative and innovative the sea lions at DE are also! That is, we are not only looking at the dolphins. In this photo, Dawn and Allison are watching as Lorette asks Maggie to display new behaviors of her choosing!

Today was another good day for data collection with 12 sessions and several more personality surveys completed! The weather was good with more wind than yesterday and abundant sunshine! Can you tell what I love about the tropics!!

We spent a bit of time reviewing the data files and also chatting with several trainers about the creativity levels of the dolphins (male and female) and the sea lions … we also watched a Brown Boobie bird fly circles above the gulls focused on the fish buckets!

All in all a great day!!

One more day on Thursday for data collection before we pack everything up in preparation for data processing and analyses.


Kathleen, Dawn & Allison!