It’s All about Perspective!

This morning saw the MVA2 (second array built) with a second added camera! Typically, we have a GoPro mounted on the left top of the housing to get a wider perspective and be able to confirm IDs of all the dolphins visible in the view finder. This morning, John decided to add a second GoPro (Thanks Bill, for the loan!) to get a view behind me to see who and how many are watching the observer! I was still not able to “see” the dolphins behind me during filming, but review of the footage after the session provided numerous laughs for everyone on our team! Polly and Calli often seemed to think they were “sneaking up” on me (even though their echolocation gave them away!). You can see Polly in this screen grab from the video.

Our day was a good one – another early morning session was followed by data review and ID confirmations. The late morning presented a rain shower but it moved on swiftly. We spent a bit of time over at Bailey’s Key confirming IDs – I remembered seeing a small new notch in a dorsal fin this morning but could not find which dolphin it was. So, I looked at all the dorsal fins this afternoon. I found the notch! It was Bill.

Some of our team (Jill, Jess, Bill, Ron & Lance) wrapped up the day with a night snorkel or night dive while the rest of us (John, Chris, Dave, Jeanne and I) were on the look out for a pass over by the space station (thank you NASA for the schedule). A good day had by all!

I’ll be in the water again tomorrow before 7 AM.

Until then, cheers!

Kathleen & the DCP RIMS 2015 team