Beautiful Bimini Day


On Sunday, Kali, Ellyne, and Kel returned to Bimini Adventures’ group to join the search for dolphins. After a week of little to no wind it finally started to pick up making the ride much cooler. Yet, it was a beautiful day to be out, the tides were generally calm and the ocean varied in shades of blue. The guests remarked on the beauty of the water saying it looked “too good to be true!” With everyone looking at the water we were prepared for any dolphins that came our way. 


We didn’t have any sightings until later in the day. Around five, two bottlenose dolphins appeared near the bow of the boat. This was the first time we had seen the bottlenose dolphin in over a week. They would appear and disappear around the boat for about ten minutes. We glimpsed something out in the distance so we decided to keep going since this pair didn’t seem interested in staying around the boat. “Something” ended up being more bottlenose dolphins! After some time, we realized there were quite a few bottlenose scattered about. Though they were scattered around the boat and hung out long enough, and were behaving quite actively, that we decided to get in the water. The current was strong so it was difficult for the humans to stay in place to observe the dolphins, particularly as they came in and out of view. Kel did get good views of four bottlenose, including a mother/calf pair. The dolphins were crater feeding, but their area of interest was large. Back on the boat, we noticed three dolphins in the group that were quite large! Soon enough, to head home as it was getting late. On the way back, we ran into a group of spotted dolphins. These guys had all sorts of energy. We saw them chasing fish and leaping through the air! We decided to make one more stop and had a short encounter with the spotteds. This time, it was three juveniles who were in view of the camera for Kel, though at least another three swam by in the distance. It was pretty dark by the time we finally made it home but it was worth it for the exciting evening we had with the dolphins. 


Until Tomorrow,

Kali, Ellyne & Kel