Déjà vu…almost.


Saturday was Kel’s last day with Bimini Adventures’ film crew and Ellyne & Kali enjoyed a much deserved day off. Initially, the boat stayed docked for a bit as Kel gave an interview in the sunshine. But, soon it was time to search for dolphins. The seas were not as calm as we’d like and we kept one eye out for dolphins and one eye out for squalls. Less than one hour from the dock, Captain Al made the call that we had to stay close to shore and hope to find dolphins there; the weather was simply too unstable to venture very far. Good thing we didn’t, because not long after this decision things were looking very similar to yesterday! The wind picked up, the temperature dropped and soon we were headed home in driving rain and rough (but not unsafe) seas.  


Though it was not the way we would have liked to end the week, we are so happy with how the start of the week went that spirits remained high. It was a pleasure working with this crew and, as always, Bimini Adventures. Tomorrow is a shore day for all and then Monday should bring Kali & Ellyne back to sea in search of dolphins! 


Stay tuned,

Kel, Kali & Ellyne