Dolphins….and squalls


On Friday, Kel headed out for DCP’s 55th dolphin trip of 2015! It’s been a great season and DCP is so grateful to have the assistance of Kali & Ellyne, who have been dedicated to office work this week. It really does pile up! 


The boat departed just after 1430 and just minutes before the clock struck 1700 we saw two young spotted dolphins. They were keen to surf the waves and ride the bow of the boat, so we kept on eye on them while scanning the area for more individuals. Not seeing anything more, and with squalls threatening, we prepared the get in the water. Captain Al eyed two more dolphins, bringing the group size to four, but, the squalls were coming in too fast. He aborted the mission and steered us toward Bimini as we tucked away all things non-water proof. In heavy rains and strong winds we plowed back to Bimini, grateful that the earlier days had been so successful. 


Until next time,

Kel, Ellyne & Kali