More than ketchup comes to those who wait


On Thursday, it was another Bimini Adventures dolphin trip for Kel and more data processing for Ellyne & Kali. It was a very busy day on the water with far more boats than usual searching for dolphins. The crowded conditions reminded Kel of long-term concerns regarding the impact of boat and swimmer interactions on the dolphins. Our boat did its best to steer clear of the crowds and though for today this meant a long wait to find dolphins, it’s the method that Bimini Adventures feels gives their guests the best experience and keeps the dolphins’ best interests in the forefront.  


Just over 3 hours after we began our search, we were able to observe a group of at least ten Atlantic spotted dolphins. The seas were increasing and dolphins were quite busy surfing – making it difficult to get an accurate group count or identify individual dolphins. As the group size grew to over 15 dolphins, the film crew entered the water to get their shots. They had wanted to show the dolphins’ agility and maneuverability – boy, did the dolphins show that today! After 45 minutes with this dolphin group, the light was fading, the crew was happy and we headed home. 


Until tomorrow,

Kel, Kali & Ellyne