Turtle Day


On Wednesday, Kali and Ellyne experienced their first dolphin-less boat trip while Kel stayed on shore. It was also the windiest day yet on the boat for both of them! The waters around the harbor didn’t seem too choppy and looked beautiful, as they were bright teal. Once we reached open waters we soon realized it was going to be a bumpy ride. At the beginning of the trip, the students sitting on the bow were splashed frequently as they tried to search for dolphins. It settled down a bit later in the day but the boat still rocked frequently. With all the waves it was difficult to tell where the dolphins might be. Today did turn out to be the day for turtle sightings; we were able to see at least two! Our captain Audley has a sharp eye as he was the first to spot both of them and believes he even saw a third.  


Near the end of the ride we were all surprised when we saw a large splash out in the distance. It wasn’t clear whether it was a dolphin or not but we took our chances and went to check it out. We circled once around the area but all we saw was a white bird resting on the water. With that we headed back to shore for the day having enjoyed our time out on the water. And optimistic for tomorrow! 


Until then,

Ellyne, Kali & Kel