Spotteds! Bottlenose! Together?!


Monday’s boat trip began early as the camera crew wanted as much time on the water as possible! Lauren was the only one on the boat today, and with a departure shortly after 9:00am, dolphins were nowhere to be found until around 11:45. Then we came across a group of about 13 spotteds! In the group were Stefran (#82) and her little calf, along with unnamed #102! The group did not seem too interested in people, and after a while they scattered about looking for and chasing after fish. We decided to move on, and around 16:00 the dolphins came to life! We first found a group of 4 spotted dolphins and 1 bottlenose, then roughly 6 more spotteds joined and another bottlenose! The group spread itself out a bit, but we interacted with a group of 4 spotteds that included Inka (#93) and the 2 bottlenose! They were attempting to “mate” and it was very exciting to the interspecies interaction! Ellyne and Kali stayed back on the island and worked in the office today, but tomorrow Ellyne will be joining Lauren on the boat and says she’s excited to be doing field work!

Toodle Loo!
Lauren, Ellyne, and Kali