Lazy dolphins….but wait!


Today’s boat trip was interesting to say the least! We started the voyage with a snorkel stop at “3 Sisters,” then soon after came upon a group of about fourteen spotteds! In the group were Stefran (#82) and Romeo (#10); Stefran had her calf close and we got a couple of glimpses of Romeo with a calf close by. We are very hopeful that this is Romeo’s March baby! It was definitely exciting to see the playful bunch; unfortunately they were not interested in swimming with us. After about 2 hours of carefully cruising beside them and observing the group, we decided to give it one last try. Thankfully we did, because our last swim was full of activity and DCP dolphins! Split Jaw (#22), Prince William (#64), Tim (#69), Tina (#14), Niecey (#48), Speedy (#78), and possibly even Noodle (#94) were all together! Tim was very actively chasing Tina around as we swam with them, and the entire group was very busy and playful with one another. Lauren even saw one blow a bubble ring! They kept our group active as well, as we followed them in circles for quite some time before deciding to head back in. Again, it was a successful day of identifying dolphins, and we can only hope for this when the interns go on their boat trips when they arrive!  


Ta ta for now,

Lauren & Kel