Spotted the Spotteds!

After a somewhat anticlimactic final day for Nicole yesterday, we got some good action on Wednesday! It was Lauren’s first day back on the water and she accompanied Kel on the boat for another dolphin trip with Bimini Adventures. After a snorkel stop at Bimini Road (where the group encountered a small nurse shark among lots of other cool critters), things were looking to be the same as yesterday. Then just after 1700, four spotted dolphins came to take a ride on the bow! All were calves or juveniles, possibly including our recently added #105! After two short but playful swims they went on their way, but not before we confirmed that #105 was indeed present, showing off a new, but fully healed peduncle notch. As we made our way back, we ran across a group of around 19 spotteds! Under water, we got a quick glimpse of un-named #99 before the bulk of the group swam off. But, several stayed, including Inka (#93) and three cohorts. They were playful and at times their seemingly playfulness bordered on aggression. All in all it was a very successful day and a great first boat day back for Lauren.  We can only hope we have a similar day tomorrow!   

Until then,

Lauren & Kel