On Wednesday we all rose early as usual. The UNBSJ students packed up their things and we all had our final breakfast together. The water taxi came to the Sea Crest Hotel at 9:30 AM to take the students to the airport. They were unfortunately delayed at the airport for a few hours but they did arrive safely in Miami. Kathleen was even waiting to greet them upon their arrival in the US! They had been hearing about Dr. Dudzinski and her research all week–it was a nice treat for them to meet her in person! 


After the students departed North Bimini, we began the inescapable task of post-field course clean up. There was much to do, from organizing the kitchen to moving furniture to gathering all of the field equipment and course books. It took a few hours but with good teamwork and help from Captain Kat, we were able to finish up in the early afternoon. That left us plenty of time to get some much needed rest! 


It was sad to say goodbye to the UNBSJ students but we are thrilled to have had the chance to have met them. We are so pleased that the week ended on such a high note. What a great start to the 2015 field season! 


Until next time!

Nicole & Kel 


PS: Here’s a pic from yesterday’s trip….hmmm…who is this juvenile??