RIMS 2014 summary update

Happy November! My flight home on Saturday was uneventful, with no stop overs to Belize!

Our field session to RIMS for 2014 was a good one, but as many of you have read … it was wet. We had rain every day, which led to less than wonderful conditions for underwater clarity. Additionally, the dolphins were in a VERY curious mood toward the camera and me. Still, I returned with just under 2.5 hours of video for processing. I am relatively certain each of the dolphins was seen at least once underwater (so sketches will be complete and updated for 2014). Also, we collected about 5 hours of audio data with the SM2M recorder. It was deployed on Sunday afternoon and recovered on Friday at about noon. The visibility had dropped so much that I was only 2 feet away from the SM2M before I could see it to recover it! The audio is clean and will allow for some interesting, I hope, activity along the diurnal scale with respect to looking at dolphin vocal behavior.

We will conduct data processing over the next few months and provide an update in the winter issue of the Dolphin Gazette.

Thanks for your continued support! And, thank you to everyone at Anthony’s Key Resort and the Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences for their support during our data collection trip.