I woke to what I thought was someone lightly dancing on the roof of my cabin. Nope … just more rain. It apparently rained all night but the morning was thick clouds with occasional rain – from drizzle to down pours. The sun tried to make an appearance, but failed to extend its stay. Still, I was able to collect a bit of video this morning at about 6:30 AM. Ronnie greeted me with nudges. Not the welcome I wanted, but I accepted it. Calli and Polly were enthralled with the MVA faceplate this morning. Thus, our session was short.

After breakfast, Jeanne, Ron and I returned to Bailey’s Key to watch some of the programs and wait for Teri. We recorded a couple of training sessions with Ronnie and French and Hector and Han. They were practicing “tandem create” – the dolphins did some new behavior together. Hector and Han are pros at this behavior and Han is very creative. Ronnie and French need a bit more practice, but Ronnie’s infatuation with me/the MVA made him a poor student today. He simply targeted on the MVA faceplate when he should have been collaborating with French! It was hard not to laugh.

It was fun to watch the dolphins interact with each other and some of the RIMS guests. Our last morning of data collection with the MVA is tomorrow. I’m going to try going in a bit later (~7:45 AM). We’ll also pull up the SM2M after our team has their dolphin swim program a bit before noon. It’s been a good week!