Welcome to Belize! … Wait, wrong country!

My flight from Miami to Roatan began well! Check-in was smooth and security lines were short. The flight departed on time. As we neared Roatan, seemingly ready to prep for landing, the captain informed us the ceiling was too low. We’d have to circle for a bit of time. We tried our first attempt at landing about 25 min later … the wind shear had other ideas! Same thing for our second attempt! So, we headed to Belize to wait out the weather and refuel. About an hour later, we got the all clear … other flights were now landing at Roatan. We took off and headed back toward the Bay Islands of Honduras. The clouds seem to have broken up a bit, the sun was shining … until we got closer to Roatan. Our first attempt to land was less bumpy but still not an all clear. Another circle and we were soon low enough to see the insects on the canopy leaves! (Ok, maybe not that low, but it felt like it!)

Hurray! Touch down … and not the football kind, though we all cheered and clapped! Only 3.5 hours later than planned but we were here. The wind and the sea are very choppy and loud. Let’s hop it all calms down tonight so we can prep and deploy gear and begin collecting data tomorrow. And, of course, say hi to the dolphins!