Can’t say we didn’t try…


On Wednesday, I joined what may have been DCP’s final boat trip of the year. Of course, I hope that other trips pop up throughout the fall and early winter, but this was the last trip on the calendar. And, it was a windy one! We departed with high hopes, but realistic expectations as the wind had picked up throughout the day. Sure enough, the seas had some guests snuggled inside, while others laughed at the sea spray in their faces. We diligently searched, but even when we found some (at least two) spotted dolphins, the rough and dark seas made it too difficult to keep tabs on them. Although the conditions were safe enough to continue looking, the guests opted to return to shore and save their efforts for their final dolphin trip, tomorrow.

Thanks to this group of Bimini Adventures passengers for being so welcoming. I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon on the water with you as well as my visit earlier in the day. During my visit you asked fantastic questions and it was a highlight to share my stories of Bimini’s dolphins with you.