Spotteds here, spotteds there

 Tuesday’s boat trip started with great weather and a very optimistic group! After learning about DCP, photo-ID and the Bimini dolphins in the morning, the Hunter College students were all ready to get out and practice their newly learned photo-ID skills. The group was very excited to see two bottlenose dolphins early in the trip, but they were moving very quickly and we decided it would be better to not interrupt their travel. Finally, we saw our first group of spotted dolphins! There were five dolphins originally when we saw them, but only three stuck around for two short encounters with our group, and Alexis was able to get some video of the 2 C4’s and 1 C5. Then we ran into two more spotted dolphins on the way home, one of which was unnamed #99! The students were very eager and helpful in trying to point out features on the pair as they were bow riding. We were also able to have a short encounter with the pair and Lauren got to use the MVA for the first time in the water! It was a great day after having no encounters yesterday, so we are sure that tomorrow will be even better!
Lauren, Alexis, and Kel