Dolphins, even ashore

BIM14_2Aug_CRII_CCDSSaturday began relatively early for us as we boarded the Coral Reef II to talk to students from the Chicago City Day School. The group was a bit tired as they had just made their passing to Bimini during the night, but once Kel started talking about DCP’s interesting research and the amazing facts about Bimini’s dolphins, you could see the students perk up! Lauren and Alexis chimed in with facts about lifespan, age class, and focal follow methodology, as well as answering some of the students’ pertinent questions, especially in regards to volunteer and internship opportunities. Soon enough our time was up and we thanked the students, teachers, and crew and hopped of the boat to head towards home. Back home Lauren and Alexis spent the rest of the day doing data processing, specifically working on videologs, IDing spotted dolphins from still photographs taken on our boat trips last week, as well as entering our sightings data.

Although we were not out on the water for a dolphin trip it was still a dolphin filled day!

Lauren, Alexis, & Kel