Wind, white caps, and rain…oh my!

BIM14_T22_stormcloudsWednesday’s adventures began with a nice talk with the guests of Bimini Adventures. We met with the group around 1300 and discussed DCP, the dolphin population around Bimini, and the research conducted. Kel led the chat; while Amy and Alexis assisted with answering the many fantastic questions we were asked. It was wonderful discussing things that everyone in the room seemed so curious and passionate about. Thanks to this group for their support!

A little later we prepared for our boat trip, which left at its usual 15:00 start time, but this time we were lucky enough to have Kel join us on the boat! With a windy morning, the seas were a bit choppier than we have had the past few days, but nothing, not even a few waves could stop us; or so we thought. Although the waves didn’t pose a problem and actually calmed down the longer we were on the boat, a storm (pictured here) was looming off in the distance potentially threatening our trip. We managed to stay out for almost 2 full hours before captains Al and Audley decided it was time to turn in and make it back to shore before the storm hit the island. At that point we had yet to see any dolphins, but were hopeful that we may spot a few on the way back. Unfortunately, the dolphins never appeared for us. Instead we took a brief swim break to allow everyone to cool off and enjoy some good old fashion swim time, then headed back to shore just as the rain drops started falling.

Hopefully tomorrow we will have more cooperative weather and lots of dolphins!!!

Sayonara muchachos,
Amy, Alexis, & Kel