Mixed species show!


BIM14_T17_MixedSpOn Wednesday, I was thrilled to be headed into the dolphin grounds after so many days off the boat. Bimini Adventures had a group of ten and their smiling faces and good attitudes had us really hoping for a great day. The sun was shining and the breeze was just right….but, where were the dolphins? Oh, there they are!

We saw some biiiiig splashing and a few minutes later we reached a group of six dolphins: 2 bottlenose and 4 spotted. The two male bottlenose were in calm pursuit of the spotteds, giving us great views of their interactions at the surface. When the spotteds weren’t directly interacting with the bottlenose, they were bowriding. The group was moving too swiftly for an underwater observation, so we enjoyed the show from the boat. Soon, it was time to head back and the guests took this opportunity to give a dolphin swim a shot. They were not disappointed as the dolphins came right up to each of them!

A great day for some great guests!

Until next time,