Thanks to continuing DCP Sponsor – Wildlife Acoustics!

Words are not enough to to express our thanks to the team at Wildlife Acoustics! They have been very supportive of our research studying dolphin calls and noise levels. DCP was honored to beta test the very first SM2M recorder off Bimini (pictured here)SM2M image. This passive acoustic recorder is autonomous: we deployed it for two ~2-week stints off Bimini to record sounds continuously. In other words, we dropped it off in about 35 ft of water and left it … occasionally checking to be sure the dolphins had not swum away with it! We brought it back after the two weeks and looked at the data – and are still looking at the data! Because the SM2M records sounds continuously, it allows us to document dolphin calls during each day and night while the recorder was deployed.  We learned that in August 2011, dolphins were vocal during all hours of the day and night within about a mile of the SM2M! Of course, some hours had more calls than others! We’ll continue to look at these data … and SM2M data from our study sites at Dolphin Encounters and RIMS … to better understand dolphin vocal activity. Thank you to Wildlife Acoustics for making acoustic data collection that much simpler for DCP!