It’s 5 o’clock somewhere

Go sampling methods!! We began our day with a discussion on sampling methods. Then, we had a cool guest lecturer (Dr. Justin Gregg) talk about dolphin intelligence. He joined us via Skype all the way from Holland (where it was 5 o’clock). Despite the technical challenges, it was still very informative – Dr. Gregg knows a lot! And he makes things easy to understand and was clearly excited about the topic himself. Everything we’re learning is getting us more and more excited for actually observing the dolphins.

We headed on the boat, even though we could see rain everywhere. It was worth it: we saw yellow-tailed damsel fish, ocean tally (triggerfish) and…a nurse shark! At first, some of us couldn’t see the nurse shark, it blended in so well, but it was really cool to see it just hanging out under a rock. There were some cans littered at the site, so we brought those back to the boat. We were far from dry on the rainy (and we mean rainy) ride home, but hot showers were waiting for us, so we didn’t mind.

In the evening, we sat as a group before and after dinner, just chatting and hanging out.

Until tomorrow,

“Bobby & The Bimini Babes” (SHU 2013)