Give back, get sun and say goodbyes

BIM13_SHUdepartsOn Sunday the SHU students gathered for breakfast, still excited from their big day with reef fish, dolphins, stingrays and sharks yesterday. But, after nearly two weeks on Bimini, they took just a short bit of their morning to give back to this wonderful, welcoming island and did a beach clean-up on Radio Beach. Thankfully, there actually wasn’t all that much litter (although the bags collected still meant too much!), but they collected what they found and then cooled off in the Bimini blue sea. After final packing, photo swapping and lunch, it was all too suddenly time to head to the airport. Onto the water taxi they went, retracing their steps back to the South Bimini airport. The flight was delayed, but at least everyone made it safely to Fort Lauderdale, where many parted ways.

It was absolutely fantastic to have this group of students, from a variety of schools across the US (and a recent grad from the UK!). Their enthusiasm, awe and kindness had them standing out from the crowd. I look forward to the next course from Sacred Heart University!

Until next time,