“I see it!” “I see it too!” (that’d be the sun!)

On Friday, we had the morning off – we spent the day at the beach and wandered through the straw market. Some of us got a few braids in our hair and we all ordered lunch at CJ’s, the food stall on the beach. Although we were planning to eat at the picnic tables, the flies had us running for the hotel!

In the afternoon, we had a long, good discussion on ecotourism. We covered two articles from the peer review literature and then discussed ecotourism in general and specific to Bimini’s dolphin tourism.

Later, we found bottlenose ID matches (Tt14, 31, 35). There were also two other individuals that were very distinct. After dinner, we enjoyed ice cream and finished last night’s movie. Overall, the movie was a big hit in this group, and even got us thinking about animal ethics.

Until tomorrow,

“Bobby & The Bimini Babes” (SHU 2013)