My, my, are you feeling a bit shy?

Wednesday was still quite breezy here in Bimini, but it was calm enough for an overdue dolphin trip with Bimini Adventures. We departed at 1500, hopeful, but realistic that we might need to turn back. Well, turn back we did not and, in case you weren’t sure, the title of this field report is very, very sarcastic! Shortly before 1700 we saw a group of young Atlantic spotted dolphins, with Tilly (#87) leading the pack. They seemed pretty busy surfing the seas, but we decided to give a water entry a try. We were not disappointed! Tilly (#87) was paired with un-named #95 while Milo (#96) was paired with a slightly older male, who may become ID#99. It was a blast watching them and they gave me a workout with their circle swims around me and the MVA2. After we thought they may have swum away, we called up to Al who advised us to stay put for, and I quote, “the mother-load.” While it wasn’t a recorded breaking group size, our group of four increased to at least 11 dolphins, including Lil’ Jess (#35), Noodle (#94), un-named #97 and, I think, #70. It was awesome!

We headed back toward shore, grateful and content when we were suddenly greeted by a calf. The calf at first seemed to be alone, but then, as expected, mom showed up and we were suddenly with three mother/calf pairs, including Trudy (#57) and her calf, and, I think, Leslie (#80) and hers. Although we did not swim with this group, it was great getting glimpses of them from the boat.

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