Talk about a ninth inning comeback…

Thursday afternoon’s dolphin trip with Bimini Adventures began like all trips – with high hopes and greatBIM12_T5_TtandPax passengers. The seas were calm and the sun was hot, so swim breaks were welcome. Not too far into the trip we came up a scattered bottlenose dolphin or two. But, aside from a few surfaces near the boat, it/they wanted nothing to do with us. So, we continued in search of others. Hopes were dwindling when we came upon another bottlenose dolphin, but sadly, this one showed no interest in us either. Spirits were lifted when we saw a shark (tiger?), but the high did not last as sunset loomed. Everyone but the crew was ready to give up when we saw them. And this time, we really saw “them,” as in more than one dolphin! We thought that we were about to come upon Atlantic spotted dolphins, but no, this group was again bottlenose dolphins. What made this sighting different was that these dolphins were “crater feeding” – searching for, finding and digging up treats in the sand. As sunset approached I collected a slew of surface photographs before joining the passengers in the water. They enjoyed some close swim-bys as they watched (and listened to!) the dolphins snacking. Everyone agreed that today’s awesome in-water experience was well worth the wait.

Now, will the weather hold up for the remaining dolphin trips this week? We’ll see!

Until next time,