Sharks and swells

Thursday, we (Liana and Pam) went to the Shark Lab (aka Bimini Biological Field Station) in the morning. We listened to a talk about the research they do, and were able to see the pens they keep out back which are full of rays, baby lemon sharks, and baby nurse sharks. We got to touch the sharks and even got to hold a Bimini Boa! It was very interesting to learn about other research projects that are going on around Bimini. On the way back, we stopped at “Shell Beach” on South Bimini and enjoyed the sun and the amazing water for one of the last times.

Meanwhile, Kel caught up on DCP computer-housekeeping, including solidifying details about our 2013 university field course with Sacred Heart University. Stay tuned for details and contact us if you would like more information. Pam & Liana set out on our last dolphin trip of [our] internship, with Bimini Adventures. We were hoping to get to swim with the dolphins one more time in order to say goodbye! The day was mostly sunny and very hot. There was a nice breeze though, and it increased throughout the day. We searched and searched but no dolphins were to be found. We were a little bit disappointed but we realized how lucky we have been to be able to take part in dolphin research in such a beautiful place. We also have had plenty of amazing dolphin swims since we have been here, and we are very thankful for that. Tomorrow we have a second talk aboard the Coral Reef II, and then we depart on the evening flight!

Until next time,
Pam, Liana & Kel