No dolphins, but sun again!

Saturday’s stormy weather kept us working indoors. Over the last few weeks, we’ve been updating DCP’s Facebook pages – Dolphin Communication Project’s main page as well as pages for each of the dolphins. We hope everyone enjoys these updates!
On Sunday, as we set out with Bimini Adventures, the wind was a bit stronger than usual, but finally the sun we had been missing the last few days had emerged. In the distance were some clouds, but no storm systems that looked threatening as in the past few days. We were optimistic, as were the eight guests on board who hadn’t been able to go out on Saturday either. The water was rougher than we’d seen it yet, and the higher waves, darker color, and occasional white caps made the search for dolphins a little more difficult, but exciting! We followed the usual dolphin route, but the dolphins didn’t grace us with their presence. It was still a nice day on the boat, and hopefully tomorrow we can find some dolphins!

Until then,
Pam & Liana