Our First Bimini Storm!

Pam and Liana called Bimini Undersea religiously on Friday to check for updates on the planned trip. There had been storms off and on all morning, and so we weren’t sure whether the weather would let up for a trip to go out. Luckily, things cleared up enough for us to set off. It was a bit breezier than usual, but sunny. Clouds loomed in the distance, but were far enough away to pose little threat. About twenty minutes into our trip, we spotted a dolphin jumping very high in the distance, putting on quite the show. We only saw it break the water twice before it disappeared, and we continued along the normal route. Five minutes later, we saw a group of 2-3 bottlenose dolphins in front of the boat, but they didn’t stay long. We kept looking, and about an hour later, the wind began to pick up and we saw storms approaching quickly. We decided to head back and try to beat the weather. After a quick swim break, we were on our way. The skies darkened significantly, the water became rougher, and the rain caught up with us. At 17:12, a group of six bottlenose crossed our path, riding the waves. We concentrated on getting back safely, and arrived back a little wet, but still happy. The guests didn’t seem bothered by the weather at all — they sang through it and smiling faces clambered aboard the dock. After all, we saw dolphins so it was still a good day!

Hopefully the weather improves over the next few days and none of our trips are cancelled!

Until tomorrow,
Liana & Pam