Found some bottlenose, but can we spot some spotted?

BIM12_T35_TtWe set out on “Adventurer” early on Saturday afternoon with a much bigger crowd than yesterday. We had 16 guests onboard, including a family from Switzerland, another family on vacation and some friends of Bimini Undersea. It was a clear day with minimal cloud cover, and the sun was strong. Everyone on the boat seemed optimistic and ready to see some dolphins! At 14:30, Captain Audley saw our first dolphins. It was a group of 4-5 bottlenose that stuck around the boat for almost fifteen minutes. They were on the move but one even came to ride the bow for a bit! We were able to get some good photos of them from the boat as they came up for air. Each time the dolphins disappeared beneath the water’s surface, we weren’t sure if they had departed for good or not. The guests were thrilled (and so were we), when the familiar dorsal fins resurfaced and we knew they hadn’t decided to leave us quite yet.

Finally, though, they did decide it was time to go. We continued further into the “dolphin grounds” to search for more dolphins, but didn’t see any more. We were happy to see some familiar bottlenose, and hopefully we’ll spot some more spotted dolphins soon!

Until next time,
Liana, Pam & Kel