Well, the kids enjoyed the roller coaster!

On Friday it was Kel’s turn to head in search of dolphins with Bimini Adventures. Today’s guests were still glowing from their amazing experiences on Wednesday and although the weather was not as nice today, they were still eager to give it a try (there was a birthday on board after all!). While we headed north, in the lee of Bimini, the seas were quite comfortable. But, as expected, shortly after leaving the protective shoreline, things got rougher. Since getting in and out of the water would have been unsafe (even if we did see dolphins), we turned back toward shore to snorkel. On our way to “3 Sisters,” we purposefully went into the waves so the kids could all enjoy a roller coaster version of boating – and their squeals and laughter indicated it may have been a highlight of the trip! After a wonderful snorkel, we took one more peek for dolphins and although they were in the area (several people saw a couple of dolphins), the dolphins did not come to the boat this time.

Until next time,
Kel, Pam & Liana