Happy Father’s Day!

On Father’s Day I was again aboard a dolphin trip with Bimini Adventures. The seas were completely different from Friday with the winds strong from the northeast. Still, we searched and searched for dolphins, finding them several hours into the trip. At first we saw Tilly (#87) and an older calf (or young juvenile?!) who were quite busy surfing. It was a challenge to keep our eyes on the pair and we soon found ourselves backtracking, hoping to lay eyes on them again. While we did not find Tilly and her “friend,” we did see two calves. The slightly older of the two is thought to be Leslie’s (#80) calf (with remora in tow once again) so we were on alert for her. It was an unusually long time before we finally saw the (presumed) mothers – one an older dolphin and one younger, possibly Leslie (#80). The foursome surfed a few more waves before once again going out of sight. So, although it was a rocky boat ride it was great to see so much of the dolphins!

Until next time,