We were planning to get wet anyway, right?

Friday was another great day of summer weather here in Bimini. I headed out shortly after 1500 withBIM12_T22_Ttgroup Bimini Adventures and a great group of passengers. We headed toward the “dolphin grounds” quickly and before we could even warn folks that it can take a while before we see dolphins, there they were…a group of at least 15 bottlenose dolphins. They were swimming in a fairly tight group, as seen here, so given the sea conditions we were able to get a great look at them from the boat. They were on the move so after watching them from the boat, we decided to move on too.

Despite the wildly calm waters, we did not see so much as a splash for the next two hours. Shortly after 1800 we once again came upon bottlenose dolphins, this time a pair that was even less interested in us. We were gaining interest in the building squall nearby as we made one last run in search of dolphins. Then they were finally there! At least eight spotteds, including Lone Star (#56), un-named #40, calves and juveniles appeared. A short underwater look was all we could manage before we had to leave the area. As we cruised back toward Bimini we saw two other groups of spotteds and by the time we reached the third we were far enough from the squall for the passengers to have a quick swim. It may have been brief, but boy was it intense! Today surely met the definition of wild dolphin trip!

Until next time,