Rain, rain went away…for a little bit

Friday began (relatively) early as I saw Kathleen to the North Bimini water taxi to begin her journey back to New England. Unfortunately, some harsh weather was on its way, leaving her stuck for most of the day at the South Bimini airport….

Meanwhile, I tidied up a few computer files while standing by for the final call on the day’s dolphin trip. A few hours and several power outages later, the trip with Bimini Adventures did depart. The skies cleared just long enough to safely head in search of dolphins. We didn’t have much time before the next round of thunderstorms came through, but thankfully the dolphins were sighted right away. We saw at least eight different Atlantic spotted dolphins, including Swoosh (#36), Niecey (#48), three calves and Addie (#84). I was able to use the MVA4 to record Bimini dolphins for (I think!) the first time! I’m looking forward to reviewing the footage!

The passengers kept their spirits high and their smiles wide as we returned to the dock under an impressive downpour. Now we’ll wait and see what tomorrow holds!

Until then,