Another rainy day … but it was warm!

It rained and stormed and stormed and rained.
Our morning began (after breakfast) with a beach clean-up (photo to follow). We collected eight bags of trash from the beach, finishing up in a quick downpour. This beach clean-up was sponsored by DCP Conservation Member Steven. Thank you!

The afternoon showed quite a few storm clouds, but we went out for a short time for a snorkel trip. A couple of people were feeling seasick – we had pretty good waves rocking the boat. We did see two sea turtles near to the first spot we wanted to snorkel. The waves dictated that we move to a second spot. Seven people jumped in to snorkel but only briefly since the squall that was approaching forced us out of the water and back to port.

But, the end of the day finished with a rainbow (hopefully!) meaning tomorrow is going to be bright blue skies.
Until then,
The 2012 E & E Crew