Success: Dolphins and NO seasickness!

Some of us got up early on Friday to watch the Royal Wedding – but not all of us. We worked on ID’ing our photos from yesterday’s trip – we confirmed #84, 87 and 93 were present during our underwater observation. After lunch, we were on the boat early for a 1300 departure. First, we saw 2-3 bottlenose, including Tt15 and possibly a new individual. We came upon spotteds at 1540 and observed them under water from 1553 to 1559. We saw Stefran (#82) from the boat and under water. We also saw Cerra (#38) and, most likely, her calf. Perhaps the calf is in this picture, taken by our professor. BIM11_T12_Calf_TurnbullOur second spotted dolphin sighting was at 1705; a group of 11 dolphins, including Tilly (#87) and un-named #93.  They were moving southwest and very active. They were busy chasing fish and playing with seaweed; there were lots of pink bellies! Un-named #93 was also making odd noises out of her blowhole – were they burps, coughs or just fun? Some of us were able to have a short underwater observations during which the young dolphins were very active.

Storm clouds were moving in from Florida – we could hear thunder and see lightning far in the distance. Luckily it was time to head in anyway, so we did. Back on land we had a delicious turkey dinner and watched the film DOLPHINS. It was cute and informative.

We are a bit worried about tomorrow’s weather, but hopefully we’ll snorkel on our way to finding dolphins.

Until then,
Kel & the UNBSJ crew