End of the year dolphins!

This week I had the pleasure of joining Bimini Undersea staff aboard the newly rebuilt, ‘Adventurer.’ Adventurer is a fantastic, workhorse of aBIM11_T94_Tt boat who has served Bimini Undersea well over the years. This year meant a complete overhaul of the ol’ girl and she looks and rides fantastically! Although we did not see any dolphins on last Saturday’s trip, we did have the pleasure of observing two groups of bottlenose dolphin on Thursday. I looked over the photos quickly and it seems the two groups were in fact different and, drum roll please….that tiny calf we saw did still have fetal folds! The little youngster hung close by mom’s side, but did entertain us all with its half-leaping antics! The second group was a bit more spread out than the first and included this active dolphin, leaping on its way somewhere.

A big thanks to all of Bimini Undersea’s guests – today and all year long. We wish you all a very happy 2012. And remember – you still have time to make an end-of-year, tax-deductible donation to DCP. Click here to donate today!

Until next year (unless another trip pops up in the next two days, of course),