A lot of hours, only a few dolphins

Thursday began with the second morning trip of the week. I joined the small group with high hopes of another morning success. Unfortunately, we searched, and searched…and searched, but found no dolphins. After a quick lunch, a squall came through and delayed our afternoon departure. Luckily we were able to head out shortly after 16:00. It was the 7th trip in five days, so although I was a little tired, I was still eager for dolphins. It was a lot of searching that ended in an 11th hour sighting. With sunset looming, we all geared up at the back of the boat immediately, so I wasn’t able to get a proper count or any IDs (although either Lone Star, #56, or Tilly, #87, was there). In the water, I saw the dolphins in the distance, but they were on the move and we were all left wondering where they were going…

Until next time,